Sec. Defensor’s claims are misleading and deranged

April 3, 2006 at 12:54 pm 1 comment

AKBAYAN Rep. Risa Hontiveros today lambasted Sec. Defensor’s claim that AKBAYAN is in favor of the current political system because it refuses to ride the government’s cha-cha plane. “He’s young, but he has such deranged and misleading thoughts. We in AKBAYAN refuse to ride the cha-cha plane because it’s expensive, overpriced, overloaded and it is bound to crash,” Rep. Hontiveros said. “The people should beware because the cha-cha plane tickets from Malacanang are fake. Once the plane takes off, we will all be left behind.”

The solon, who is also part of the Laban ng Masa sa Kongreso coalition, said that contrary to what Defensor is claiming, AKBAYAN and other progressive groups are pushing for a change in the political system. “But how can a meaningful debate on systemic change take place when the process is being hijacked by the government and when any idea on radical systemic change contrary to the self-serving agenda of the government is called rebellious?” said Rep. Hontiveros. “The peddlers of Cha-cha are not pilots of constitutional reforms, they are constitutional hijackers.”

“The radical reforms that we are pushing for are much, much different from the agenda of the administration. Theirs are motivated by their political survival, thus in their proposals the same politicians who have long histories of traditional politics, patronage, corruption and fraud would occupy the seats of power in the supposedly new and refurbished political system,” Rep. Hontiveros said. “Their agenda also seeks to restrict our democratic gains and would lead to more repressive policies, with the government given the sole right to determine what would constitute ‘responsible’ expressions of fundamental freedoms and basic human rights.”

“AKBAYAN agrees that the 1987 constitution is flawed. We have seen how these flaws have been exploited to benefit traditional politicians like GMA and JDV. But instead of reforming the constitution, the government seeks to institutionalize, deepen and further existing flaws in the constitution to advance their own ambition,” Rep. Hontiveros said.

The solon also called the vested interests fueling the government’s charter change agenda ‘revolting’. “It is done to extend the term of politicians and restrict the participation of the people. Under their proposal, people have no say in the affairs of the state. It is not even clear when the next elections will be. Why take part in a process that is so contemptuous of the people?” Rep. Hontiveros said.

Rep. Hontiveros added that the process of amending the constitution is equally important as its results. “A constitution crafted by a few, without the benefit of open and free exchanges of opinion and meaningful participation, would not be owned by the people. It would just alienate the people who in the first place should view the constitution as an embodiment of our nation’s collective principles and beliefs. They can call it a train or a plane, but for the public, a new constitution under GMA will be nothing but a piece of rag,” the AKBAYAN solon said.


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  • 1. gari  |  April 3, 2006 at 4:01 pm

    agree that mike is deranged and misleading. 😀

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    welcome to the blogging community.

    if you wanted to generate comments and suggestion
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    mostly bloggers from the “other-political-fence” will be
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    coun. pete will be speaking on “blogging and participatory
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    governance frame in the open discussion of the “political blogging


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